The Holy Prophet was kissing one of his children, who was seated on his knes.

ساری,گاهنوشته های محمود زارع

A man of the Arab aristocrats cam to him and said , " I have ten sons, but I have never kissed any of them even once. "
The Holy Prophet got uneasy. Then blushed with anger, and said, " One who has no mercy on others, shall not deserve God,s mercy (1) "

Then he added, " what can be done (for you) while God has taken mercy off your herat. "

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توجه: استفاده از تصویر برای سایتها و وبلاگها بدون انجام تغییر آزاد است؛ کپی برداری از متن با ذکر نام و درج لینک بلامانع میباشد. برای تبادل لینک بعد از برقرای لینک تارنمای ما؛اطلاع دهند تا بررسی شود.