The opposition leaders appealed to Abu Talib for several times to persuade Muhammad (s.) to give up his claims, but Abu Talib disregarded the appeal.
ساری,گاهنوشته های محمود زارع

   When they threatened strong actions against the clans under his leadership, Abu Talib spoke to Muhammad, who replied, " My uncle, even if they place the sun in my right hand and place the moon in my left hand, I die. Tears came into eyes of Muhammad who turned and went away.

   Abu Talib, who was moved by his determination, called him and said, " I swear by God that I will not quit supporting you and will not let them hurt you."

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توجه: استفاده از تصویر برای سایتها و وبلاگها بدون انجام تغییر آزاد است؛ کپی برداری از متن با ذکر نام و درج لینک بلامانع میباشد. برای تبادل لینک بعد از برقرای لینک تارنمای ما؛اطلاع دهند تا بررسی شود.