ABU - ZAR Ghefari,s name was Jondab Ibn Jonadah. He was an inhabitant of Rebazeh , which was a small village on the east side of Medina. When he heard about the proclamation of the Prophet, he came to Mecca, and after making enquiries, saw the Prophet, and embraced Islam. Whereupon the unbelievers of the Quraysh gave him all sorts trouble and inflicted pain after pain, but he remained steadfast. Among the acceptors of Islam he is the third, fourth or fifth.

ساری,گاهنوشته های محمود زارع

   He was so pious and god - fearing that the Holy Prophet said, " Among my people , Abu Zar is like Isa ( Christ ) , son of Maryam (Mary) in renunciation and piety "

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توجه: استفاده از تصویر برای سایتها و وبلاگها بدون انجام تغییر آزاد است؛ کپی برداری از متن با ذکر نام و درج لینک بلامانع میباشد. برای تبادل لینک بعد از برقرای لینک تارنمای ما؛اطلاع دهند تا بررسی شود.