During Hajj season, the Arabs assembled at various places like Ukaz, Majannah and Zil-Majaz. Great poets and speakers sat at elevated places and amused the people with their poems and speeches which depicted bravery , self-praise and love.
ساری,گاهنوشته های محمود زارع

   The Prophet availed of this opportunity like the prophets oi the past. And on account of being secure from molestation by the idol-worshippers owing to fighting being unlawful during the sacred months, he mounted a high place, turned to the people and addressed them thus:

   " Acknowledge the Oneness of Allah, so that you may attain deliverance. With the strength of faith, you can contol the entire world, can make the people obey your orders and can find place in Paradise in the next world " (1)

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توجه: استفاده از تصویر برای سایتها و وبلاگها بدون انجام تغییر آزاد است؛ کپی برداری از متن با ذکر نام و درج لینک بلامانع میباشد. برای تبادل لینک بعد از برقرای لینک تارنمای ما؛اطلاع دهند تا بررسی شود.