Abu Horayrah has related that a man once came to the Holy Prophet and asked, " O Prophet of God ! If someone came to steal somthing ( from my house ) , should I submit to him ? " .

ساری,گاهنوشته های محمود زارع

   The Holy Prophet answered , " You must not let him steal anything from your property , even if it leads to a killing. The man said, " What if that man should kill me ! " The Holy Prophet said , " Then you would die a marty. " Then the man asked , " If I killed him , how would it be? " The Prophet answered , " Then that man would be taken to hell while you would have no fault or sin. "

توجه: استفاده از تصویر برای سایتها و وبلاگها بدون انجام تغییر آزاد است؛ کپی برداری از متن با ذکر نام و درج لینک بلامانع میباشد. برای تبادل لینک بعد از برقرای لینک تارنمای ما؛اطلاع دهند تا بررسی شود.